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College Signing - Anayka Besco

Editor's Note: this is the fifth of a series of feature articles on Rocket senior athletes who have signed to play college athletics next season.
Anayka Besco was most recently named the Rose Hill “Senior Female Outstanding Athlete”, which is just one more accomplishment to add to her already impressive resume. She has competed in softball, volleyball, and of course wrestling where she excelled. Besco is a four year wrestler at Rose Hill and has medaled in state all four of those years. One of those years she was also a girls’ state champion. She has been a team captain for wrestling, AVCTL 3 & 4 Girl’s League MVP, JV wrestler of the year in the boys division, KWCA All-State Alll-Academic 1st team, and holds a 4.0 GPA at Rose Hill High School. Besco originally had planned on attending Baker University in Kansas for college but now will be attending Dixie State University in the state of Utah. “I loved the friendships I got out of it. Getting to spend everyday with people who share the same passion as you,” said Besco when asked what she loved about being an athlete at Rose Hill. “The community is awesome too. I love how close it is and how they always come out to support.” Besco also made history this year at the state tournament. “My favorite memory is probably walking into the arena with all the other girls at state. Hearing them call our names and people cheering for us, it was the first time it had ever happened in Kansas history and it felt so surreal to be a part of it.” Besco no doubt has left her mark on the Rose Hill community in her time here.

College Signing - Canyon Corbin

Editor's Note: this is the sixth of a series of feature articles on Rocket senior athletes who have signed to play college athletics next season.
Canyon Corbin has been cheering for Rose Hill High School ever since she walked through the door her freshman year. People have come and gone from the cheer team; however, Corbin is not one of them. She stuck with it all four years through high school. Corbin also participated in softball in her career at RHHS. “My favorite part of cheering is when we are cheering during a game or event and the student section and the crowd get really hype and loud,” said Corbin when asked what one of her favorite things about cheering for RHHS is. Her favorite memory is when her and her cheer team had to completely redo their dance routine all by themselves without a coach in only two days. Corbin will be attending Cowley County Community College next year to continue her academic and cheer career.