2018-2019 Preview and Summary Headlines
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Expectations Are High
by Coach Eshelman
There is a great amount of excitement heading into this wrestling season. Last year ended on a positive note and that translated into a lot of offseason work. Many wrestlers joined our local Punishers wrestling program during the spring, summer and fall. We had wrestlers attend summer camps from Stillwater to Iowa City to Minnesota. We currently have 32 wrestlers on the roster, making this one of the biggest teams we have ever seen at RHHS. Our wrestlers have spoken about a potential top ten finish in the state and the goal of winning another league title. We have three returning state qualifiers and/or medalists in Kyle Sackett, David Leck and Grant Scheer. Only a junior, Anayka Besco has already won two medals at the girls’ state tournament, which includes a state championship in 2017. We also have a strong senior class, which has shown great early-season leadership. As great as all this sounds, it means nothing if our wrestlers don’t continue to develop their skills and keep their competitive edge. We start the season off with a tough tournament so we’ll soon find out where we stand in the state of Kansas.
Team Lead By Strong Leadership
by Coach Shirley
We have several seniors returning which gives us great experience. We have 5 seniors in our program all five of the seniors have played since their freshman year and know what our culture is and how we operate. This has given us a great head start to our year. They have set the tone for the start of our year and we have yet to have a bad practice thanks to their leadership. We want to continue working hard everyday in practice, if we give everything we have during our practices once the games start we will find success.
Ready To Compete
by Coach Welch
We like our team heading into the season. We have a lot of experience returning. Heading into my fourth year here the girls have a good sense of our expectations and what style we are trying to achieve. Offensively we should be able to hunt good shots and have a balanced attack. At most times we should have multiple kids on the floor that can shoot the ball and spread you out. Defensively we will need to use our athleticism to get out and pressure other teams in order to steal some easy baskets. The one area that will define our season will be rebounding. If we find a way to compete on the glass then we have a great chance of having a successful season.
Ready For Hard Work
by Coach Downs
We have a lot of new faces on this team and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us. But like they always do, this team will continue to surprise everyone. I think our first meet (Maize) will be a hard one. There are a lot of teams invited and it will be packed and very slow but it will be good to get some times down on paper and see where we are at. The best part about swimming is that we aren't truly racing others, we're racing ourselves, and against the clock. Each time we swim we have to be a better version of ourselves, we can’t just get up and play the same way we always have and be great. We have to work harder and harder each time to get where we want to.
Heartbreaking Ending
by Grant Scheer
Even though the Lady Rockets had to adjust to a new Head Coach, Cherith Mock, they still proved to be a leading force in Kansas 4A Volleyball. The Rose Hill Volleyball team has been one of the top teams in Kansas for the past three years. The dominance they brought to the court sparked when this year’s senior class got the opportunity to be on varsity. They were back-to-back state champions in 2016 and 2017. Since the seniors have been in high school their record has been 139-29. The list goes on and on of their accomplishments. However, the most inspirational part of this team is their leadership and attitude on and off the court. The extremely talented and encouraging senior class sets the examples for the younger girls on the team. The team had high hopes going into the season. Even with a big target on their back, they did not let that distract them. With that said, however, the outcome at state did not equal out to their potential. They were ranked within the top five of the 4A team rankings throughout the season. Going into the state tournament they had an impressive record of 31-6. The team had a rough draw with seeding and ended up not placing. Despite how the season ended, the ladies battled through every set they competed in. This group has had a lot of heart since the moment they stepped on that court and it has shown through every match.
Building Year For Soccer
by Grant Scheer
The Rose Hill soccer team did not have the season they were hoping for.  It started out pretty rough having a record of 1-8. That record lit a fire within the team, as they would finish the season 7-10. The improvement of the record goes to show how much heart and motivation this team had. A very talented and respected coaching staff including, Jerry Treat, Phil McNany, and Brent Nussbaum guided them towards success. Coach Treat is one of the most respected coaches in the state of Kansas. The senior class also helped out tremendously by being great role models for the young team. If you looked at the team, you couldn’t help but notice the amount of underclassmen that were on varsity. This is a huge motivator for the team and staff, but they will still have to work very hard in the offseason. They are a talented, now well-experienced, young team with a bright future. I am looking forward to hearing how this team makes a name for Rose Hill soccer again.
Running Into 2019 With Confidence
by Grant Scheer
The Rocket cross-country team, both girls and guys, performed very well this year. They were full of young talent but fell short in the number of seniors. The three seniors leading the way for the team were Trent Nusz, Cole Wagner, and Aitana Vicario. Trent was one of the leading runners throughout the season and was also one of the state qualifiers. He also held the fastest 5K time for the team at 18:11.61.  Accompanying Trent at state was Sophmore Aubrie Thomison. She also held the fastest time for the team at 21:44.73. The team had seven meets they competed at and did fairly well at each of them. They always had a few runners within the top 25, which is a great accomplishment. They are going to be a solid team next year with a senior class of 12. Coach Barger will encourage everyone to stick with it and work hard during the off-season. If all the pieces fall in the right place next year, it will be a great year for Rose Hill cross-country.
Tough Season For New Coach
by Grant Scheer
Going into the season the football team had high hopes with changes to the coaching staff.  They put in countless hours during the summer to prepare themselves. The team also had a solid senior class to help lead and set good examples for the underclassmen. All the steps seemed to be in place to be great and experience success. However, as the season ended the team compiled a record of 1-8. As life would have it, the young men faced several situations of adversity throughout the season. Senior Rylan Hingst had a heartbreaking injury during the first quarter of the home opener that put him out for four games. This was very detrimental to the team as Hingst was a starter on both sides of the ball. As other injuries came about certain underclassmen had to step up and play. With lack of experience, the young kids had to fight every down to hold their own.  Regardless of their record, the team created a bond that will last forever. That is one of the great aspects of football that is overlooked, unless you know the feeling of course. The senior class alone has been teammates on the field and best friends off the field since 1st grade. The seniors will be missed quite a bit due to the impact they have had in Rose Hill. They haven’t had the best high school career in football, but they stuck with it showing great pride in their school. This class took on the role, with great attitude and character, of being the foundation setters for the years to follow. Speaking of, the underclassmen have talent, size, and an outstanding work ethic to set them up for big things next year. Coach Weber will make sure they are well-oiled machines going into the season. I look forward to hearing about the success of Rose Hill Football in the years to come.
Working For Three
by Grant Scheer
The Rocket Volleyball team is looking to make it three state titles in a row. Despite having to face some adversity by losing a very good senior class, their goals will not change. The Rockets have four returning starters that know what it takes to reach the top. “We’ll have a good team this year but some of us will need to step up to fill the missing roles from last year”, said Senior Gracie VanDriel. The team also took on a change to the coaching staff by adding a new Head Coach, Cherith Mock. Their first game is on August 28th against Collegiate and Buhler with Collegiate hosting. The Lady Rockets will be working hard as they attempt to defend their Back-to-Back State Championships!
On The Rise
by Grant Scheer
After a season ending shootout last year, the Rocket soccer team is determined to have a much better outcome to this coming season. “Expecting to have a good team with seven returning starters, with the majority of them being sophomores”, said Coach Treat. The team has put in countless hard working hours in the off-season to prepare themselves for the field. With Coach Treats’ history of success and the player’s will to succeed, the future is very bright for this young team. To start off the season, they will take on Coffeyville at home on August on 24th.
Rocket Revolution
by Grant Scheer
The Rocket Football Team has taken on major changes since last season, including a new Head Coach, Lee Weber. Coach Weber also added four new coaches to the staff that are experienced and talented. “The coaches have bought in to us and the team has bought in to the coaches”, says Senior Konner Barron. The Rockets fall short in numbers with their underclassmen but make up for it with their upperclassmen. On the field, however, they are stacked with several returning lettermen on both sides of the ball. “Offensively, we will need to be efficient, play at a deliberate pace, control the ball and pace of the game to be successful”, says Head Coach Lee Weber. In the trenches, they will be at a size disadvantage but they will not shy away from the challenge. Their first matchup is against Clearwater at home on August 31st. The ceiling is the limit with this hungry team as they aim for their most successful season in several years.
cross country
Ready To Compete
by Brandon Barger
We are still looking for runners at this point. We should have a better season than last year. Our first-year runners from last year have experience now and should contribute more this season. We also have a remarkable amount of younger runners that are eager to contribute at the varsity level right away. Our first meet is one week away and we are just now trying to get some of them in shape and their endurance levels up. Our training will be guided to excel in the three big races, league, regionals, and state. We had some runners that really worked hard this summer and it is paying off as there are not that many injuries at the beginning of the season and they are stronger runners. The team will travel to Clearwater on August 30th for their first meet of the season.