Gridiron Club Updates

The 2017 Football Season dues for Pregame Meals and incentives will be $75.00 and may be paid via credit card, cash, or check made payable to Gridiron Club.

Dues can be paid anytime between now and September 1st. After September 1st, the cost may increase to $100.00.

The official address of the Gridiron will be: P.O. Box 292 Rose Hill, KS 67133

Instagram - rosehillgridiron
Facebook - Rose Hill Gridiron Club

2017 Football Activities | Gridiron By-Laws | 2017 Game Schedule


Please direct questions to a Gridiron Officer as listed below. Thank you for your support!

Contact the 2017 Gridiron Club Officers at the following email address:

Larry J. Carlson, President
Ada Jones, Vice President
Gina Geer, Secretary
Heather Sapp, Treasurer
Alex Lane, Treasurer

Class Representatives:
Freshmen - Becky Evans
Sophomores - Darcy Barnhart
Juniors - Keli Barron
Seniors - Open (if interested, please contact one of the board members)