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Rocket Athletics

Rose Hill 42 Wellington 36

Weight Results Team Scoring
285 Jordon Montemayor (RH) Won by Fall over Luke McComb (W) 1:23 6 - 0
106 Braden Tatum (RH) Won by Forfiet 12 - 0
113 Ana Cullens (W) Won by Forfiet 12 - 6
120 Brennan Cantrell (W) Won by Fall over Landon Bowman (RH) 1:34 12 - 12
126 Charlie Black (RH) Won by Fall over Taylon Ellis (W) 0:34 18 - 12
132 Keegan Beavers (RH) Won by Fall over Devion Smith (W) 3:29 24 - 12
138 Michael Cullens (W) Won by Fall over Brennan Evans (RH) 0:57 24 - 18
145 Peyton Besco (RH) Won by Fall over Taylen Rameriz (W) 1:36 30 - 18
152 Cade Evans (RH) Won by Fall over Colin Green (W) 1:36 36 - 18
160 Jakob Lira (W) Won by Fall over Dylan Minks (RH) 1:03 36 - 24
170 Both Teams Were Open 36 - 24
182 Tommy Rogers (RH) Won by Forfiet 42 - 24
195 Kanden Young (W) Won by Fall over Gary Tran (RH) 0:44 42 - 30
220 Kenny Fehrman (W) Won by Fall over Aden Lemasters (RH) 0:43 42 - 36


Weight JV Results
132 Austin Harriger (W) Won by Decision over Anthony Tabor (RH) 7-2
132 Chase Koehler (W) Won by Fall over Anthony Tabor (RH) 3:53
120 Anayka Besco (RH) Won by Fall over Nic Norris (W) 3:53


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